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Які запобіжні заходи щодо використання алмазних пилок?

Час: 2023-02-23 Переглядів: 82

1. When placing saw blades in stone factories, many factories will place the saw blades directly on the floor. This is not a good practice. The correct practice is to hang the diamond saw blade vertically on a dry shelf and avoid wet places. Never place the diamond saw blade flat on the floor or on a shelf, flat placement will lead to deformation of the alloy saw blade and also cause the potential for the blade to fall off when cutting. The lower side of the saw blade is not conducive to cutting as it will have a serious impact on the blade head which is in contact with the ground.

2. When using, please do not exceed the specified speed, the higher the line speed, in cutting some hardness or abrasive stone, there will be a decline in sharpness, the cutter head is equal to the grinding situation. And if the customer buys the ordinary saw blade products of Linxing company, not more than 260 rpm is better, too high speed will produce huge amplitude, and have higher requirements for the saw blade substrate material, if you need higher speed diamond saw blade, please contact us for customization.

3. diamond saw blade in the normal cutting use process, the operator must bring protective shield, gloves, helmet, labor protection shoes, protective glasses and other protective equipment. If there is a large amount of dust, a mask is also a must.

4. In the installation of diamond saw blade, must first confirm the performance of the cutting machinery, use, first read the instructions of the machine, so as not to install the wrong, cause accidents. Especially for the installation of the saw blade this part of the operation, carefully follow the operation manual in accordance with the standards and procedures for installation.

5. When installing the diamond saw blade, you must first check whether the saw blade is cracked, distorted, flattened, lost teeth and other phenomena before installing it. If the above situation occurs, please contact us in time. Do not continue to install and use the product with problems to avoid causing big cutting problems.

6. Diamond saw blade teeth are very hard and sharp, prohibit collision, fall to the ground, must be lightly held and lightly placed. When moving, it is recommended to move vertically. If the saw blade is of medium diameter, it is safer to hold the inner control with one hand and hold the bottom with the other. In the case of large saw blades, when moving with a travelling crane, it is also advisable to move vertically by means of a rope around the bore.

After fitting the saw blade, make sure that the hole is firmly fixed to the flange of the saw table. If there is a washer, the gasket must be fitted; then, gently push the saw blade by hand to make sure that the blade does not wobble eccentrically during rotation. If you are not sure whether the saw blade is shaking, you can start the machine for a trial period to make sure that the machine and the saw blade are running normally before putting in the stone.

8. The cutting direction indicated by the arrow of the alloy saw blade must be aligned with the direction of rotation of the saw table. It is strictly forbidden to install the opposite direction, the wrong direction will lead to lost teeth, or even more serious cutting accidents. Mainly because the saw blade head in the factory on the open edge, if the opposite direction of cutting, the exposed diamond is not only not easy to cut the stone, but easy to rupture resulting in the lack of exposed parts, cutting space is insufficient to cut the stone can not move or saw blade distortion and other situations.

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